iGaming on the BlockChain

By combining AI technology with the immersive experience of Live Casino studios, AiCasino creates a product that have the potential to change the Online Caino vertical.

Work Process

Pioneering the iGaming vertical into blockchain and metaverse

  • Crypto Casinos are the growing fast!

  • Live Casino creates the longest player sessions with high turnover.

  • AiCasino revolutionizes the way Live Studios operates.

Why AiCasino

The iGaming Vertical has been one of the most innovative industries for many years. We're taking all those years of beeing in the forefront of tech onto the BlockChain and further into the metaverse. Live Casino has previously been tedious to setup, but with our ground breaking AI Technology, Live Casino studios can be scaled up.

Safe & Secure
Safe & Secure

The platform is developed to meet the regulatory standards of iGaming. We provide a fair and safe gambling experience.

Holder Rewards
Holder Rewards

A holder of the AICAS token receives 50% of the Net Gaming Revenue.

Market Growth
Market Growth

iGaming is one of the fatest growing verticals WorldWide, Ai Casino puts you in the middle of that exiting industry with many growth opportunities for many years to come.

The Timeline

In the fast pace industry that we work in, we aim to keep up the development and constantly deliver on our targets.

Token Distribution

We direct the funds into marketing and developing AI Live games (BlackJack, Baccarat, Andar Bahar, Sic Bo, etc.)., with a direct deposit-withdraw blockchain User Interface and other services.

  • 20% Marketing
  • 50% Liqudity
  • 10% Operation & Legal
  • 6% Rewards & Prizes
  • 4% Hardware
  • 10% Development

Try Now

Test our great product now!

  • Works with any Stream

  • AI Detection of numbers on Screen

  • State of The Art technology


Frequently Asked questions


What is AICasino?

AICasino is a revolutionary Artificial Intelligence driven Live iGaming development functioning on the blockchain and aside from blockchain. Our proprietary software permits the live table's expense-effective streaming; only one IP camera is required.

What about the Cashier?

AICasino will offer the software package in complete Crypto Cashier. Thus players bet directly on the User Interface by depositing and withdrawing, MetaMask or other Crypto wallets. Like you would be inside a Casino.

Will there be a fiat money option?

Yes, we have extensive contacts within land-based and online operators. And naturally, clientele desires to process money as well. The company offers a certified software package and licensed operators. In return, companies can safely operate under their license umbrella.

And whats next for the Token?

AICasino is working with multiple land-based casinos and metaverse firms to build an extensive Metaverse Real Live Casino product.

How do I benefit from the token?

For the token owners, a monthly Fifty percent of NetGaming Revenue NGR will be allocated to a vesting-staking platform. Token owners can withdraw NGR rewards each calendar month. NGR = Bets - Wins - Bonuses.


For example, if NGR is 100,000,000.00 BUSD 50,000,000.00 BUSD will be allocated to token owners in the Vesting platform.

What chain will the AICasino be?

We are launching with binance smart chain and unaffectedly will add multichain functions. Naturally, we host all the chains giving players a change to bet on all possible options.

Will you list and when?

We list after the public sale on PancakeSwap and after the launch of WebApp on CEX.

Can the token be vested or staked?

Yes, we will introduce staking and vesting platforms for token holders. And from these platforms, the NGR per token can be withdrawn. Net NGR from Bets and Wins will be placed on a vesting platform and can be claimed as a reward.

Who is utilizing the AICasino?

We have extensive connections and pre-orders from multiple Land-based casinos, online casinos and web3 Crypto Casinos. A player base will be global and local.

Is it easy to set up?

Yes, if you want to stream your Casino table, you need an IP Camera, an internet connection, and our software package. As an Online or Crypto Casino entrepreneur, you can offer these games within your website or web app.

Who can make it business?

Naturally, land-based Casinos can stream the table and offer it to online operators. Any Crypto casino can use it as a web app and have a direct Crypto Cashier on the table. The option is also to set up your Studio.

How large is the Casino market?

In 2021, the market size of the casino and online gambling industry worldwide reached a total of 231 billion U.S. dollars

Is this Legal?

Yes, in most countries, Crypto bets are unregulated, and for fiat options, we are certifying the games, allowing clients to run them under their gaming licensing umbrella.

What measures are you taking?

We have decades of experience in the Casino business, and our legal team reviews each new piece of Gambling and Crypto legislation.

Are Artifical intelgence games legal?

Yes, they are, and AI allows us to create new games without modifying the hardware and gaming table.